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Featured items
  • Cherries (Red)

    Ontario / Us

    $7.99  $ 6.49for 1 lb
  • Halibut Fillets (Skin-on)


    $11.49  $ 9.99for 6 oz
  • Scallops


    $24.99  $ 22.99for 1.25 lb
  • Albacore Tuna (Boneless, Skinless)


    $16.99  $ 14.99for 1 lb
  • Shepherd's Pie (Vegan) (for 4)

    Hearty Catering

    $22.99  $ 19.99for 1437 g
  • Hearty Vegan Baked Pasta (for 4)

    Hearty Catering

    $21.99  $ 18.99for 1423 g
  • Hearty Beef Baked Pasta (for 4)

    Hearty Catering

    $24.99  $ 21.99for 1311 g

Welcome to Farms & Forks! We are three families passionate about making it easy for our friends and neighbours to eat healthy. We source local & organic food and deliver it direct to your door.  
We love hearing from you and finding ways to give you an even better shopping experience.  Please get in touch with any ideas, questions or concerns (or just to say hello!). 
Happy eating!
Stacey, John, Michelle, Pino, Natalie, Michael and kids